Bee Inspiral of Inspiral Dance Confirmed to Teach Dance Technique at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!

Brittany L. Brown or Bee Inspiral, founder of Inspiral Dance, is a visionary artist whose lifes purpose is to spread the empowering medicine of dance through the activation of moving light language in prayerformance, workshops and ceremonies. She began studying dance and other fine arts disciplines in 2001 and graduated Columbia College Chicago in 2012 with a B.A in Dance-Making. In 2010 Bee began to activate in the awareness of dance as a powerful and untapped healing art. It was at this time that she began to channel in Liquid Lotus Dance Meditation Technique. Shortly after this a series of spiritual experiences lead to a vision quest that delivered her the download of the Gridosphere and the GCT philosophy in 2011. Since then Bee has been actively developing and presenting these philosophies in performance, choreography, workshops and ceremonies across the Americas. Bee’s sole focus in life is to spread awareness, positivity and oneness through creating and teaching inspiring motion-art that speaks to the soul and shares insight on the human condition.

We are delighted she will be teaching and performing at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe!  For ticket details click here.