Jeff Eichen to Teach PhYoga Class at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe!

Jeff Eichen specializes in Black & White Photography. He studied with Ansel Adams and Brett Weston in the 1970’s. Jeff went to the University Of Oregon in 1976 -1980 to study Photography and then-2 Years in the Netherlands as an exchange student and a teacher of Photography. Jeff moved to Southern California (LA), next to spend the next 20 years as an Artist-Entrepreneur-Dj and Professional Photographer focusing on Architecture. In 2003 Jeff moved to Port Townsend, WA to live and carry on in his traditions and focus on ART & Maritime Photography. Jeff teaches a New-Concept-Experiential-Yoga-Creative Class called: PHYOGA – See for yourself), plus he has other classes and tutoring available at his web-site.

Now I travel The Globe Photographing for hire- festivals and events with Shamans and Music to show the world we are praying and not practicing WAR-through ART.

It is my Pleasure to keep the tradition of Photography ALIVE. All of my images and more are available for purchase on my web-site.

PhYoga class Details:

“Wake up and see with your eyes through the lens. Yoga & Photography!!! We will venture to the outdoors with our yoga mats and cameras, and capture light in the moment as we move, stretch and experience the sunrise. Our mission is to capture the blissful moment that you create with yoga in the sunrise through the lens and immortalize it forever. This final image will be a medicinal image to Go-to when you need the reminder that this day did Happen!!!”