Emily Branden to Teach Yoga Class with Live DJ SriKaloGY at UNIFY FEST 2016!

Emily Branden and SriKaloGY have partnered up to bring you an exciting, fun, uplifting, high vibrational yoga class at UNIFY FEST in Santa Fe, September 22nd-25th, 2016.

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Emily says, “For me, yoga is all about heart. The love and bhakti/devotion to the divine spirit within each of us feeds this ancient practice. An alignment with grace supported by a continuous vinyasa flow that gets you out of your head and into your heart during these challenging times. The spirited and heated sequencing will ground you, create space and worship in your life.

I use music as a way to tune you back into your own natural vibration of creativity and light. The sound and rhythm heals – relaxes our bodies, brings us joy and compassion. I sing to the Divine Ma, join our voices together in song to contain the practice – let it inspire and amplify the rest of your day.

I invite you to drop deeply into yourself each class. Unplug the cell phones, emails, and endless other distractions that pull us away from love, and get back to you. Use the mat to open your mind and heart to a more abundant way of living and thriving on this planet. Come sweat your prayers, shed your troubles, and get your glow on. Life is now, live it. Participate in every breath, every moment.

It is an absolute honor to be alive during these wild times of great transformation. It is an honor to teach and share space with you all, traveling along together on this path toward greater consciousness and truth. I bow down daily to my teachers for their wisdom and laughter. I drink from Source, connect to Cosmos, and Love Life fully. All this I share with you. Namaste’ Family.”