A Ceremony for Unifying the Human Family

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in human, community, and economic development. He was born at the Haskell Indian School in Lawrence, Kansas in 1944, where his mother and father met and attended school. During the past 48 years, Chief Lane has worked with Indigenous Peoples from North, Central and South America, Micronesia, South East Asia, India, Hawaii, and Africa. He served 16 years as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (1980-1996).

Morning Prayers with Grandmother Flordemayo

Flordemayo was born and grew up in the highlands of Central America in a family of healer Mayan healers and raised by her mother a midwife. She travels the globe to share her healings and to foster a more spiritual understanding among humanity. She has been a founding member of the Church of the Spiritual Path, the Confederation of Indigenous Elders of the America, Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge, International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, and The Path.

Healing Creation by Healing the Women

Lyla June Johnston was raised in Taos, New Mexico and is a descendent of Diné (Navajo) and Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) lineages. Her personal mission in life is to grow closer to Creator by learning how to love deeper. This prayer has taken her on many journeys and materializes in diverse ways. She is a student of global cycles of violence that eventually gave rise to The Native American Holocaust and the destruction of many cyclic relationships between human beings and nature. This exploration birthed her passion for revitalizing spiritual relationships with Mother Earth and cultivating spaces for forgiveness and reconciliation to occur between cultural groups. She is a co-founder of The Taos Peace and Reconciliation Council, which works to heal intergenerational trauma and ethnic division in the northern New Mexico. She is a walker within the Nihigaal Bee Iiná Movement, a 1,000-mile prayer walk through Diné Tah (the Navajo homeland) that is exposing the exploitation of Diné land and people by uranium, coal, oil and gas industries.

Guayusa Ceremony from the Heart of the Amazon

In ancient times, the people of the Amazon prayed for a plant that would teach them how to dream…The story of the origin of Guayusa is a central part of Amazonian culture. The plant is prepared as a tea and connects people to the dream world. This Guayusa ceremony will include a reinvigorating presentation and healing ceremony. Kumiko will be sharing her transformational work with cine comunitario and media creation tools for healing and community transformation. Drawing from her work with Fingia this multi-media experience will transport you to the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Fingia is a resilient young leader and spiritual shaman of the Cofan people. Fingia will bridge the tools of technology with prayer as they share a Guayusa ceremony. He elevates sacred tea ceremonies with the music of his ancestors. Together Kumiko and Fingia have shared Guayusa and sacred plant medicines from the Amazon in ceremony across South America.

Mayan Calendar Ceremony

Jose Federico Munoz, is a messenger for the Mayan and other tribes from Chickaloon Alaska to Ushuaai Argentina. Jose is carrier of One of 9 ancient crystal skulls name Kame Cimi whom he shares in ceremonies around the world. Jose's current Mission is to share the Sacred Calendars of the Sixth sun which started after the Mayan calendar started gain for another 26000 years cycle starting in December 22 2012. Jose currently is an advisor as a special operations unit for United Nations.

Fire Ceremony with Nandhiji

Nandhiji is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. As the Liberated, Nandhiji shares the rare wisdom and teachings of yogic wisdom of the Siddha Sages. Nandhiji envisions a humanity awake through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.

Mayan Fire Ceremony

It is more important than ever to embrace the Mayan Calendar and understand the truth about their prophecies. I have learned much from my mentors, Dr. Calleman and Don Alejandro and from studying the sacred Mayan texts, the Chilam Balam - Jaguar Prophet and Popol Vuh, but also my own experiences watching our collective destiny play out from the unique perspective of a Daykeeper.

Heart Opening Ceremony with Porangui

As a live musician, world soul artist and one-man orchestra Poranguí weaves ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from around the globe. Creating his performances from scratch using looping technology, Poranguí’s live grooves range from meditative to dance party, moving the body, lifting the spirit, and transcending the divide between performer and audience. An evening with Poranguí might take you on a journey from deep, earthy didgeridoo grooves to high-vibe ecstatic Brazilian beats to blissful African kalimba lullabies. Serenades and storytelling to beat boxing and booty shaking: Together, these make an unforgettable experience.

Coaxing The Spirits of Nature

Blessing ceremony, coaxing the spirits of Nature, feeding the Fire, calling all elements with mercy and grace. In the ceremony included throat singing, shamanistic rite, tambourine, khomus, imitation of sounds of birds, the lighting of the fire.

Morning Prayers and Blessings with Grandmother SaSa

While growing up I realized the gifts that I was born with were a seer, a dreamer and a hands on healer. I know one day that I would meet the Grandmother whom I was always having spirit conversations with in dream-time. The day finally came when I met Grandmother Nakai Breen (Rose of the River), a Cherokee medicine women in Texas. I spend twenty years learning how to remember the things I already know and receiving new teachings from her. She asked me "where have you been for so long"? "It took you long enough to get here!" Continue Reading...

Rainbow Bridge Fire Ceremony

Ceremonial calling in of the Rainbow Bridge of the 13 sacred cultures of our ancestors from the many directions. Through offerings, song, movement and shamanic journeying we will join with the sacred fire, inviting the many Nations to be a spiritual part of the gathering. We will also be thanking the spirits of the sacred land of New Mexico so we can enter deeper into the mystery. Michele ‘Ama Wehali’ has been sharing ceremonial magic in the lands of New Mexico since the early ninety’s and has learned from Wisdom Keepers from Native American, Balian, Mayan, Peruvian and Hawaiian Medicine Ways. She has worked in the ways of the shaman assisting many in deep soul healing and transformation.

Unifying the Hearts of Humanity

Raphael Weisman is a practitioner of Circuitry Alignment and HeartThread and is a HeartThread practitioner trainer. His heart's desire is to teach people around the world how they can use HeartThread to heal the scars of war, violence and trauma. He founded the non-profit Healing The Scars to spread HeartThread around the world in association with Soul Support Systems. He organized the event Live As One, Honoring All Life, which was celebrated in Santa Fe and connected globally on 11/11/11, in which HeartThread and Blessings for the Waters were the central ceremonial aspects of celebrating Union.

Sound Healing Ceremonial Journey

Come be invigorated and rejuvenate in the healing power of sound, light, vibration and frequency. Sees the Day Sound Healing's soundscape performances offerings provide for a heightened awareness, yet natural sense of deep, soothing relaxation and healing renewal for your mind, body, heart, and spirit. A cellular rejuvenation that awakens and activates new connections through the use of sound, music & vibratory frequencies.

Sacred Fire Ceremony

We unite as a tribe to awaken our vital energy, celebrate life and create an intention on how we envision ourselves in our lives. Through breath, ancestral chants, rythm, energetic activations, conscious movement and intuitive dance...we celebrate the magic of being alive...the gift of being who we are!!! This ceremony is an opportunity to open yourself to new possibilities and new proyects in your life. We will work through the unconscious mind, liberating old beliefs that hold us back from our full potential and commune with the fire to invoke the inner alchemy! Come and celebrate the awakening of your inner Sun!!!

Cacao Ceremony

As a musician, ALOKA brings a fresh sound blending expressions forged from his soul and in commitment to heart centered living. Reminiscent of a modern Jim Morrison meets Matisyahu; Aloka blends hip-hop flows, folk-rock singing, roots and world medicine music. A lover of all lineages and pathways to spirit; Aloka lives a life of service to the greater mission of stewarding our earth together as a community.

Women's Circle Morning Ceremony with Sacred Song Carriers

Madi Sato is a singer, sound healer, and teacher from Japanese Ainu, Irish lineage. She has performed and recorded music in many styles and genres, ranging from blues & jazz to sacred world music, and created three albums: Soul in Love (2002), Madi Sato (2004), and Return to the River (2011). She is certified in singing traditional Japanese ‘shigin’ (chanted poetry) and performs often with musicians of taiko drum, koto harp, and shakuhachi flute. She is also qualified to lead the Yoga of the Voice vocal practice and completed the Gettin’ Higher Community Choir Leadership Training. Since 2008, Madi has led hundreds of women in awakening and empowering the authentic voice and is the founding director of the Song Carriers Women’s Circle.

Morning Ceremony with Tina Malia

Tina Malia is a visionary musical artist. Her sonic creations span sacred chant, world, dream pop and folk music genres. A prolific singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and sound engineer, Malia expresses her radiant inner landscape through song. Tina Malia is a beloved pioneer in a growing community of people around the world dedicated to residing in harmony with the Earth, and expressing it through art, health, education and music. Her all-encompassing musical and spiritual perspective has led her to studio and live performance with a vast array of iconic artists including Kenny Loggins, India.Arie, Bonnie Raitt, Bassnectar, Deva Premal and Miten, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary) Peter Kater and Joanne Shenandoah.

Water Ceremony

Ilan is a fusion of diverse musical style and soul. His deep voice delivers spiritually empowering lyrics weaved through textures of African, Native-American and Middle-Eastern tones. His love for all genres of music shines through his multi-dimensionalism and unique sound, allowing for a creative and limitless exploration into the higher realm that is never the same with each performance.

Sacred Activation Power Ceremony

Arjuna Ra was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and comes from a lineage of traditional New Mexican healers. Arjuna, guides people through a specialized holistic method that he has named “Sacred Activation” which is an ancient technology that focuses on breath awareness, core strengthening, balancing and opening the chakras. Deeply rooted in the teachings of Kundalini Tantra Arjunas' main focus is to guide his students in safely awakening and cultivating the Kundalini energy which helps target specific problem areas in the body that need healing leading to pain reduction, pain eradication, strength building, flexibility, fat loss, increased range of motion, stress relief, and spiritual awakening.

Chop Wood-Carry Water

Without balance, a "spiritually accelerated life" leaves some ungrounded and apathetic towards routine worldly task.

Return to the basics, dissolve spiritual bypass and establish deep, loving presence in the mundane.

No experience necessary. All levels and belief systems welcome. Early arrival suggested, session begins at posted start time.

World Peace Ceremony

Shining Lion and Black Feet Tribe unify the people in the One Love Vibration bringing healing to and all our relations. We draw upon the power of nature, our ancestors, and star families Weaving indigenous sounds, shamanic chants, conscious hip hop and roots reggae, to unite us in the one love vibration. Shine has traveled to over 13 countries, surfing, learning 5 languages, studying music, shamanism, and cultures. Shine is the founder of Peace Sticks and has led hundreds of World Peace Ceremonies combining transformational movement with music.

Calling in the Sacred Directions Morning Ceremony

Creating sacred space for the day Michele ‘Ama Wehali’ will join us together with the Spirits of the Land and awaken our connection to the Divine, setting our intentions for the day to be together in a unified field of love, harmony and beauty.

Ceremony of the Human Body Temple

We come together in this ceremony to celebrate the beauty and glory of our Human Body Temple. We honor the ancient earth wisdom traditions that bring us closer to the elements and to our body. We activate the sacred fire of our life force through movement and dance, releasing that which does not serve us and embracing our greatest embodiment. The Ceremony of the Human Body Temple is an opportunity to bring healing and empowerment to your relationship with your body and at the same time awaken the blessings of the holy temple we hold within our vessel. This will be an experience of dancing, sacred movement, breath-work, prayer, and meditation rolled into one. All ages and all walks of life are welcome to this ceremony.

Sacred Fire Ceremony

Adam DeArmon is Chief Minister of International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom. ICSAW provides a safe and healthy environment for cultural exchange and healing. The institute is dedicated to facilitating cultural exchange programs -- nationally and internationally--- preserving sacred sites and honoring Indigenous traditions while bridging the gaps between the elders and the children.

Coming Home Mediation and Ceremony with Sebastien

Sebastien, a.k.a. Blue Cloud, has followed his love of music with a fearless passion after being gifted a Vivo Tahitian nose flute while on a surf trip in Polynesia. He was born in Toulouse, France, but has found "home" in many countries around the world. He was first introduced to the Native American flute over fifteen years ago while listening to R. Carlos Nakai. From that moment, the Native American flute has guided him to the enchanted lands of New Mexico, and introduced him to the Native American culture where he performed twice at the Main Street Zuni Festival. His sound has since evolved into a healing experience, and has touched listeners from the Las Vegas Psychiatric Hospital to yoga classes, from the Mesa Vista Healing Center to music venues across the world. The music of Blue Cloud will uplift and transcend all thought and reason. His guided meditations will lead you on a beautiful journey and bring you back to your self.

Heart Medicine Fire Ceremony

With the power of breath, presence, the fire, song and flower nature essences Shaela Noella will be offering a Heart Medicine Fire Ceremony, to cleanse the heart of blockages, and to honor and ignite our true hearts desires. The wisdom Shaela Noella carries is cradled by her ancestral Pueblo and Apache lineage and enriched from studies of cultures such as the ancient Hawaiians and Siberian Shamanism. Her communion with Nature Spirits and Spirit Guides has opened up for her an incredible resource of co-creating nature flower essences of all sorts to help people heal, grow and evolve. It is a great honor for her to lead and share her joy of ceremony with you.

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your gifts with us at Unify Fest 2016. We acknowledge the amazing amount of talent that our greater community wants to contribute this year, but our line up of presenters, artists, ceremonialists and speakers are completely full at this time. We highly encourage you to still come participate, receive and be present with this growing community at this impactful and meaningful gathering. There will certainly be opportunities to network and connect with 1000’s of of other like minded allies. 

With Warmth,
The Unify Fest Team