Fantuzzi to Bring Forth Uplifting Performance Followed by Transformational Playshop at UNIFY FEST!

Uplift your soul and conscious vibration at UNIFY FEST with Fantuzzi’s spiritually infused loving music and transformational attitude.

In 1994 Newsweek Magazine featured Fantuzzi (in 1969) on its cover to symbolize the gathering of the original 1969 Woodstock Concert.

A continuous world traveller throughout the past 45 years, Fantuzzi has performed on every continent at thousands of events and venues including Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit, Los Angeles and Oakland Coliseums as well as at 4 Woodstocks, 7 Khumbh Melas, 39 US Rainbow Gatherings (and many World Gatherings), Cannabis Cups, and a plethora of Festivals throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.
Fantuzzi  tours extensively year-round. Upon invitation he will MC or perform at private events or for world audiences.
In 2009, Fantuzzi built a beautiful tree-house home on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Rain Forest Sanctuary, which is a tranquil retreat location for workshops and intimate gatherings.

Fantuzzi began performing at the age of twelve in an off Broadway production, Shakespeare’s “A Winters Tale” in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s he performed in Greenwich Village, New York City. In 1971, as Music & Dance Director of “The Rainbow Gypsies”, he toured the world. From 1973-76, he again took a show around the world with a theater, music and dance group called “The Butterfly Family”.

Fantuzzi’s song “Gemini Twin Star” was the title song for the motion picture of the same name. His song “Lost and Found” received the “Song of the Year Award” for contributing to the Uplifting of Humanity at the 1979 Los Angeles World Symposium. Fantuzzi created a music video to the title song of one of his albums “One Earth One People”. His music has been used in the sound track of the documentary “Stand-Up and Be Counted” as a solution for global survival.

Fantuzzi has appeared on numerous movies and shows including National Television’s “Eye on LA”, featuring on their “World Beat Special”. He has played with Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Stephen Stills, Billy Preston, Richie Havens, Babatunde Olatunji, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, Cedella Marley Booker (Bob Marley’s Mother), Taj Mahal, and Joe Higgs. He opened for “Third World”, and is friends with Ram Das and the late Timothy Leary and many other fascinating icons.

Fantuzzi dedicated 1989-91 to the “One Earth One People World Tour”, contributing to the vision of Peace on Earth by the millennium. During this time he performed in Hawaii, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Canada and throughout the East and West Coasts of America, including several special events attended by over 25,000 people.

1992 to 2000 saw Fantuzzi on the “Save the Earth Tour and World Peace Pilgrimage,” dedicated to Eco-Sustainable Solutions and Indigenous Peoples.

In late 2011 Fantuzzi began a documentary and world tour with the working title “Occupy Your Heart”, in part inspired by the Occupy movements on Wall Street, New York and across the United States and other countries. This project is dedicated to bringing the wisdom of the ancients together with the dynamic vision and impetus of today’s youth, to bring a message of hope and elevation of spirit to the world. Now in 2015, Fantuzzi continues this mission, committed to his pilgrimage to travel and share, to support peaceful community-based solutions in living harmoniously with each other and the rest of the natural world.

An ecstatic, expressing the transformation happening today, Fantuzzi is an Ambassador of Joy and a Global Troubadour who lives to perform; bringing love and inspiration to tribal and musical gatherings around the world.

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