UNIFY FEST Workshops

The workshops at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe are geared towards uplifting your spiritual experience while giving you practical skills and hands-on experience for building the new world.

4-Day Festival Passes Include Unlimited Access to All Workshops



Michael Brian Baker's THE BREATH CENTER

An offering of Peace, Passion and Progress


The Evolution of Emotional Intelligence

Thursday September 22nd, 2016 7:00pm to 8:00pm Sol Stage

A group share from the Sol Stage with reflections of Offerings of Peace, Passion and Progress as We Rise Together in Unity during our Souls "Contrasting Harvest" of Unconditional Love.

Michael Brian Baker is a student of compassion and humility and the founding member of The Breath Center. He travels extensively facilitating groups and individuals in the realization of self-mastery through somatic release, breathwork, and natural plant-based detox. He supports people in their own growth, freedom, and discovery of the bodies innate intelligence to heal from within.

Michael has extensive experience as a keynote speaker representing the conscious and healing arts communities and is known for restoring profound hope and intimacy in large group settings.

His humanitarian efforts served the underprivileged populations by developing “not for profit” volunteer-based outreach programs. He has implemented Eastern holistic, healing modalities in Western medical treatment settings.

Chop Wood-Carry Water

Saturday September 24th 2016 2:00 - 4:30 Agua Stage

Without balance, a "spiritually accelerated life" leaves some ungrounded and apathetic towards routine worldly task.

Return to the basics, dissolve spiritual bypass and establish deep, loving presence in the mundane.

No experience necessary. All levels and belief systems welcome. Early arrival suggested, session begins at posted start time.

Contribution 2016

Sunday September 25th 2016 3:00 - 5:30pm Agua Stage

Congratulations are in order! The golden age is upon us. The blessings of Unification are being cultivated in our hearts.

Come celebrate community and the individual calling that beckons the return of grace to humanity and our planet.

No experience necessary. All levels and belief systems welcome. Early arrival suggested, session begins at posted start time


More UNIFY FEST Workshops Include:

Prophecies, Global Change, and an Emerging Global Civilization

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in human, community, and economic development. He was born at the Haskell Indian School in Lawrence, Kansas in 1944, where his mother and father met and attended school.  During the past 48 years, Chief Lane has worked with Indigenous Peoples from North, Central and South America, Micronesia, South East Asia, India, Hawaii, and Africa. He served 16 years as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (1980-1996).


Entering Our Missing Portal to Source Life

Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D., is a world renowned ((global philosopher)), author and spiritual activist. He is the Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy at Haverford College (USA) where he has taught for the past forty-eight years. He is author of several books, including Meditations of Global First Philosophy: Quest for the Missing Code of Logos and the audio book- Awakening The Global Mind: A New Philosophy for Healing Ourselves and Our World (with Sounds True). Ashok is also the Founder-Director of the ((Global Dialogue Institute)) which introduced the Seven Stages of Deep Dialogue – innovative technology of Deep Dialogue between worlds in the art of being an awakened Human. Ashok’s current book – Awakening Global Enlightenment: The Maturation of our Species – reaches out to the widest possible global audience and is also being drafted as a potential feature movie script revealing the “greatest ((story)) never told” – quest for the missing Source Code of codes.

Herb Walk and Medicine Making Workshops

Our dear friend and colleague Brigitte Mars, an herbal master, will be giving two extraordinary workshops on wild edibles and medicine making at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe, NM! Brigitte Mars is an herbalist and nutritional consultant of Natural Health with over forty years of experience. She teaches Herbal Medicine at Naropa University, Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, The School of Natural Medicine, Living Arts School, and Integrative Earth Medicine in Colorado. She has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen, Kripalu, and The Mayo Clinic, She blogs for the Huffington Post and Care2. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild.

Embodying the Goddess Kali

Dr. Kamala Easton is a spiritual teacher and acclaimed motivational speaker in the fields of education and spirituality. A certified yoga instructor, Kamala is the creator of several life-enhancing workshops including Embodying the Goddess, Embodying Spirit: Journey Towards Enlightenment, and Divine Intervention for Weight Management.  Kamala is personally aware of the many paths transformation can take. After leading a conventional life in academia for nearly twenty years during which she obtained a Ph.D. in education from UCLA and a B.A. in psychology from UC Berkeley, Kamala experienced a dramatic shift. She had a life-changing awakening and merged into oneness with the Divine in 1999. A complete spiritual transformation.

Mastery of Consciousness

Nandhiji is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. As the Liberated, Nandhiji shares the rare wisdom and teachings of yogic wisdom of the Siddha Sages. Nandhiji envisions a humanity awake through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.

Permaculture Soil Building

Leif Skogberg is a whole life designer, master gardener, green living educator and holistic health guide. He is a skilled facilitator for professional team building, sustainable design and group decision making. He guides individuals with personal growth and leadership based on the patterns and principles of Nature. Leif has spent over 14 years working professionally as a leader in fields such as edible environmental landscaping, recycling and composting, green building, organic gardening, sustainability activism, elemental earth wisdom, organizational leadership and human potential.

The Wild Wisdom of Weeds with Katrina Blair

The Wild Wisdom of Weeds highlights 13 common plants found across the globe and their essential benefits for human survival. Katrina will present a slide show with descriptions of their uses, recipes and stories to inspire integration of these wild foods and medicines into daily life. This lively presentation will include songs and a dandelion lemonade for the audience to share while honoring the valuable resource these plants offer to human health and regeneration of the lands of planet earth.

Rhythm Exploration Playshop

Uplift your soul and conscious vibration at UNIFY FEST with Fantuzzi’s spiritually infused loving music and transformational attitude.  In 1994 Newsweek Magazine featured Fantuzzi (in 1969) on its cover to symbolize the gathering of the original 1969 Woodstock Concert.

A continuous world traveller throughout the past 45 years, Fantuzzi has performed on every continent at thousands of events and venues including Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, Rio De Janeiro Earth Summit, Los Angeles and Oakland Coliseums as well as at 4 Woodstocks, 7 Khumbh Melas, 39 US Rainbow Gatherings (and many World Gatherings), Cannabis Cups, and a plethora of Festivals throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.

Super Herb Elixir Tasting Workshop

Rehmannia is a Taoist Tonic Herbalist in the Gate of Life lineage, a 5000 year old herbal system from China. In 1998, he met Master herbalist Ron Teeguarden and became his personal apprentice until 2006, when he formed Shamanshack. Rehmannia studied Chinese medical diagnosis at Alhambra University, and obtained a degree from Natural healing College as "Master herbalist", but adheres to the title master Teeguarden gave him as "Superior herbalist." He is a pending member of the American herbalists Guild.

Soul Alchemy Workshop

Brian Besco, of Twistedsage Studios, is a world leader in Tensor technology. These transformational energy tools are ancient in origin, and are not limited to only environmental clearing, healing, releasing, transformation, and spiritual growth. Besides being a Mast Builder, Brian is an author, employer, father, film maker, and a teacher. He is attuned and certified in several modalities, as well as the creator of Soul Alchemy Workshops, offering activations and attunements to several powerful, heart-based consciousness tools.

Liquid Lotus Dance Meditation Technique

Brittany L. Brown or Bee Inspiral, founder of Inspiral Dance and Inspiral Dance Medicine Tribe is a visionary dance artist whose lifes purpose is to spread the empowering medicine of dance through the activation of moving light language in prayerformance, workshops and ceremonies.  She began studying dance and other fine arts disciplines in 2001 and graduated Columbia College Chicago in 2012 with a B.A in Dance-Making. In 2010 Bee began to activate in the awareness of dance as a power and untapped healing art. It was at this time that she began to channel in Liquid Lotus Dance Meditation Technique. Shortly after this a series of spiritual experiences lead to a vision quest that delivered her the download of the Gridosphere and the GCT philosophy in 2011. Since then Bee has been actively developing and presenting these philosophies in performance, choreography, workshops and ceremonies across the Americas. As a choreographer and generator of vis ionary art Bee has Brown was a member of Laboratory Dancers Dance Company from 2009 to 2012.


Raphael Weisman is a practitioner of Circuitry Alignment and HeartThread and is a HeartThread practitioner trainer. His heart's desire is to teach people around the world how they can use HeartThread to heal the scars of war, violence and trauma. He founded the non-profit Healing The Scars to spread HeartThread around the world in association with Soul Support Systems. He organized the event Live As One, Honoring All Life, which was celebrated in Santa Fe and connected globally on 11/11/11, in which HeartThread and Blessings for the Waters were the central ceremonial aspects of celebrating Union.

Igniting the Spirit of Co-creation

In this highly inter-active workshop the Roskes will be offering spiritual and social skills that are vital for building a stable foundation for sustainable community. Understanding gained from decades of experience supports aligned resonant teams to become the necessary seeds for transformation as we join together to bring forth positive change

Quitting Smoking or Any Habit That Isn't Serving You!

This workshop starts with an energetic VIBE-Ulization to get you completely aligned with your Source Beingness and then moves into the power of Intention, Living With vs Without Intention, and Finally How to Dial Yourself into a New Frequency that is No Longer Aligned with those old habits! Lastly, time permitting, we'll do an emotional detox/VIBE-Ulization to Lovingly Weed out any Unworthiness from your Energetic Field!!

Dancing Freedom

As a live musician, world soul artist and one-man orchestra Poranguí weaves ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from around the globe. Creating his performances from scratch using looping technology, Poranguí’s live grooves range from meditative to dance party, moving the body, lifting the spirit, and transcending the divide between performer and audience. An evening with Poranguí might take you on a journey from deep, earthy didgeridoo grooves to high-vibe ecstatic Brazilian beats to blissful African kalimba lullabies. Serenades and storytelling to beat boxing and booty shaking: Together, these make an unforgettable experience.

Compassionate Communication

Rev. Fa Jun is a Martial Artist, Yoga Teacher, Ordained Minister, and Master of Medical Qigong.  Fa Jun has been a student of transformative arts for his entire life, beginning formal studies in 1993.    When Marya is not on stage or creating music, you may find her working as a Musical Midwife, teaching Compassionate Communication, or practicing Qigong. Though, at the end of the day, Marya is at her happiest when she is creating and abiding in the bliss of the process. Whether it’s a new song to be shared from the stage or the studio, or a song that opens the senses of a child to the world around them, Marya Stark is at home in the muse.

Ancient Cosmology of the Vedas

Arya Siddhanta experienced powerful mystical visions as a child. He draws wisdom from deep studies in Vedic Wisdom, Organic Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics, Sacred Geometry, QABALAH, and Esoteric Scientists like Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, etc. Arya Siddhanta has directly communicated with practitioners of nearly every religious and spiritual path and humbly offers himself as a servant to all seekers of truth.  At age 25, Arya renounced the material world and became a monk in the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya tradition of Vaisnava discipline. He studied Confidential Yogic Wisdom at the first degree awarding Vedic College in the United states and visited several ashrams throughout the US and India speaking and studying with top sanskrit scholars about bhakti-yoga, loving devotion.

Water: The Living Liquid Crystal

Jen is a certified nutritionist, lifestyle coach, fitness trainer, Integral yoga teacher & doTERRA Wellness Advocate with a passion for understanding the sacred power of water. With 6 years of experience in the field of optimal health, nutrition, and elemental living strategies, she brings a wealth of knowledge as well as a beginners mind full of curiosity for the mysteries of life, nature, and the sacred human form. She has mentored clients in nutrition in New York, as well as taught workshops on nutrition, water, and breathing practices throughout the US and abroad. She is now a resident of New Mexico, where she has taught Integral Yoga and continues her education with avid study. She believes that personal experience, practice, and application are the best ways to learn, and aspires to inspire exploration of health and vitality in those she meets.

10 Ways to Become a Vibrantly Healthy Vegan

Tess Challis is an author, vegan chef, wellness coach, and cooking instructor.  She began her holistic health journey in her late teens. After a lifetime of numerous health ailments (including severe acne, obesity, constant illnesses, anxiety, and depression), she found that a vegan diet along with an inner wellness regime made all the difference.  In 1994, she began to work as a personal chef across the country. In 2008, she shifted her focus to writing, coaching, speaking, and teaching healthy cooking. Her five books include Radiant Health, Inner Wealth, The Two-Week Wellness Solution (foreword by Dr. Neal Barnard), Radiance 4 Life (foreword by Robert Cheeke), Get Waisted, and FOOD LOVE.  Her greatest passion is helping others achieve radiant health and inner wellness - all while enjoying the most delicious foods on the planet! In 2015, Tess founded “Be Radiant,” a holistic weight loss group for women.

Regeneration: Transforming Pain and Trauma into Hope and Action

Lyla June Johnston was raised in Taos, New Mexico and is a descendent of Diné (Navajo) and Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) lineages. Her personal mission in life is to grow closer to Creator by learning how to love deeper. This prayer has taken her on many journeys and materializes in diverse ways. She is a student of global cycles of violence that eventually gave rise to The Native American Holocaust and the destruction of many cyclic relationships between human beings and nature. This exploration birthed her passion for revitalizing spiritual relationships with Mother Earth and cultivating spaces for forgiveness and reconciliation to occur between cultural groups. She is a co-founder of The Taos Peace and Reconciliation Council, which works to heal intergenerational trauma and ethnic division in the northern New Mexico. She is a walker within the Nihigaal Bee Iiná Movement, a 1,000-mile prayer walk through Diné Tah (the Navajo homeland) that is exposing the exploitation of Diné land and people by uranium, coal, oil and gas industries. She is the lead organizer of the Black Hill Unity Concert which gathers native and nonnative musicians to pray for the return of guardianship of the Black Hills to the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota nations. She is the al so the founder of Regeneration Festival, an annual celebration of children that occurs in 13 countries around the world every September.

Permaculture Guild Tree Planting

Leif Skogberg is a whole life designer, master gardener, green living educator and holistic health guide. He is a skilled facilitator for professional team building, sustainable design and group decision making. He guides individuals with personal growth and leadership based on the patterns and principles of Nature. Leif has spent over 14 years working professionally as a leader in fields such as edible environmental landscaping, recycling and composting, green building, organic gardening, sustainability activism, elemental earth wisdom, organizational leadership and human potential.

Sacred Geometry of the Portals

Evolutionary Interfaces: Sacred Geometry and Earth Energies of the Portals” is an in depth presentation of the interactive installations that have been exhibited at Burning Man and other festivals since 2004 by Harlan Emil Gruber. They utilize Okaysacred geometry, color and sound for participants to experience an evolution of consciousness. It will be shown how the golden ratio and the 5 platonic solids are incorporated in their designs, plus the next level of geometries they manifest. It will be explained how the Portal’s designs are influenced by aspects of the Earth’s interactive energy body and the human chakra system. Some short documentary videos will be shown as well as a demonstration and meditation with the Quasar Wave Transducer sound sculpture contained within them that vibrates with low frequency feedback.

Exploration of Chronic Blocks in Our Spiritual Practices

Näthan Saith is a master yoga teacher who focuses on teaching the Yoga of yoga itself. Liberating yoga from the yoga-isms that have taken over. His classes are an entirely unique, human friendly and freeing approach which Näthan was able to develop based on his upbringing and deep awareness of First Philosophy... which is the essence of Real Yoga. This is something that has been eclipsed by our current mind states and superficial focuses and therefore ((Yoga)) has been /trapped/. Näthan brings this healing of yoga on the mat and off with his Awakening Life Arts.

Beeswax Candle Making

Cairn Cobb: Artist, Stone carver, writer, healer, mystic and permaculturist. BA from Prescott College and MA in Psychology from Northern AZ University. Originally from Eastern Ohio and also lived in St Croix, Florida, Arizona and New Mexico.

Basket Weaving

My history with basketry began in 2000 after learning to make willow chairs in Maine with Michael Emmons at a furniture making school in Rockland.  I wanted to make a laundry basket out of willows because the plastic ones from the store never lasted and there would be the huge hunk of plastic to throw away.  I was lucky to find two basketmakers to teach me how to weave two different styles of baskets.  Lorenzo Armijo, a hispanic man from Cochiti (madeira) and Bob Allalunis, from Taos via Pennsylvania (moises).  I finally made an acceptable laundry basket using old bike rims and find them to make very sturdy, lasting and fun baskets.

Herbal Alchemy and Medicine Making

Illup Gravengaard is the founding herbalist, alchemist, aromatherapist, perfumist of the high vibe vitality & alchemical lifestyle brand Kejiwa (meaning "Of the Soul"). He has been featured for his work on the Travel Channel's world-wide seen show "Bizarre Foods." In print, Illup has been featured from the local Red Rock Newspaper to the International "Trinity" magazine of Japan. His Kejiwa products can be found around the country in high-end specialty shops, juice bars, healthy restaurants, and available for world-wide order in the online e-store.

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing your gifts with us at Unify Fest 2016. We acknowledge the amazing amount of talent that our greater community wants to contribute this year, but our line up of presenters, artists and speakers are completely full at this time. We highly encourage you to still come participate, receive and be present with this growing community at this impactful and meaningful gathering. There will certainly be opportunities to network and connect with 1000's of of other like minded allies. 

With Warmth,
The Unify Fest Team