Yaima Confirmed for UNIFY FEST 2016!

Yaima Music is performing two epic sets at UNIFY FEST 2016 in Santa Fe this year!

The first set will be a 1-hr main stage performance, followed the next day by a 2-hr ceremonial performance with dance and movement.

Get tickets to see YAIMA MUSIC at UNIFY FEST here.

YAIMA is an old word

meaning “that which water runs through”,

-a conduit for diverse musical languages.

Their sound is rooted in the the rich depth of tradition

through biological beats, folkloric storytelling and mystical melodies.

They reach towards our compelling, technological future by weaving live instrumentation and vocals

over lush electronic layers, seamless soundscapes, and body-blooming bass.

Yaima is a confluence of musicians:

Pepper Proud, Masaru Higasa, and Jeff Kimes

from the Seattle/Cascadia Region.

Masaru Higasa was born on the island of Okinawa, Japan. Growing up, he was inspired to play the sacred music of his ancestors, which led him to learn guitar, handpan and a wide variety of instruments from around the world. Masaru, or simply Mas, is the band’s sonic architect, creating rich soundscapes of interwoven electronic grooves, bass and emotional textures. His compositions and musical production lends Yaima its unique, layered signature sound.

Pepper Proud was raised in a small community in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, where her love traditional folk music and storytelling originated. She studied Vocal Performance and Music Therapy at Radford University, and moved out West in 2007. She has released two albums as a solo artist- Her debut album “Riddles & Rhymes” (2012) and “The Water Chapter,” (2014) -an interlocking song-cycle exploration that showcases her poetry, guitar and piano playing and singular voice. As the band’s lyricist and singer, Pepper’s songs create the framework for the journey…..

Through many years of travel and an in-depth study of world music in over 15 countries, Jeff Kimes contributes ancestral vibrations through his didgeridoos and a wide variety of percussion, including west African Malinke polyrhythms, Persian frame drums, the Rajasthani nargala. Jeff’s versatility in multicultural musical traditions lends Yaima a sense of humanity’s ancient musical roots. Coming from a University background in neuroscience, where a deep interest in the origins of musical and linguistic perception segued into an investigation of the mind-body relationship, which in turn opened into over decade of study and practice in yoga, meditation, and other mind-body disciplines.



Get tickets to see YAIMA MUSIC at UNIFY FEST here.