UNIFY FEST is showcasing world leading products and services from more than 100 health and eco-conscious vendors, and if you would like to consider being a vendor or sponsor at UNIFY FEST 2016;

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You can Click on each Booth to see Vendor's LOGO, information and a list of what they will have at Unify Fest!

Please note, upon application acceptance, vendor approval, and payment, there are no refunds.

Current 2016 UNIFY FEST Vendors Include:


Momentum 98 - Far Infrared Sauna

QBC Crystals

Raquel's Venus in Velvet

Earth Guardians

Dreamtime Healings


The Divine Palm

The OM Collection

Heart Thread Information Booth

Kamala Easton, PHD

Karma Kups Tea Co.

Age Nation | George & Sedena Cappennelli

Rainbeau Mars

Twisted Sage Studios

The Scher Center for Well Being | Dr. Judy Scher

Shaman Shack Herbs | Rehmannia Dean Thomas

Sunpower by Positive Energy Solar

Cosmic Roots Creations

Bear and Rainbow LLC

Into the Wild

Crystal Nation - Francine DiGeorgio

Green Witch Botanicals

Heart Thread Practitioners Booth

Living Springs Water

Turtle Lake Refuge_Katrina Blair

Transcending the PINK and Jusuru

Free Distance Healing Project

Raw Revelations

Flower of Life Store 

Indigenous Trekker | Jicarilla Apache Nation

Santa Fe Essential Oils 

Prana Reiki | Crystals and Art 

The pStyle

The Santa Fe Oxygen Bar

The Four Worlds International Institute - Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Martin Rixe Art

Journey to the Fifth World - Michele "Ama Wehali" Rozbitsky

Ashisazi 7he Center

MindWorks NM - Sam Majewski Hypnotherapist

Karma High

Breathe by Chanda

Edens Oasis


Sweet Beets Juice

Critters & Me Natural Pet Support and Info

Sacred Synchronism Alternative & Holistic Massage

Luna Sirena Body Art by Gigi

Gurudarshan Khalsa

Tribe Vibe Apparel

Yogi Jewels

Mineral Spirits

Blue Lotus Healing by Blaine

Adam Bouressa - Avesa Quantum Energy Balancing

Yogi Sculptures | Art in Motion

Warrior Within Designs

Blue Bottle Love

Crystals Calling

Root Flute


Share International

Mountain Sage Wellness

Shipibo Designs

InJoy Integration

Symbiotic Brewing

Zia Energetics, LLC

Tess Challis

Natural Awakenings Magazine

E.P.I.C. Magazine

Green Fire Times

Damselfly Organic Clothing

Access Consciousness - Helga E. Perez

Ecotechnics | Synergetic Press

KUMA Coffee, Chocolate and Fresh Juice

Yum Chakra Sacred Ceramics

1st Eye Universal Orgone

The Give Shirt


Mindseed Project

Nomadic Artifacts

Sedona Orgone Vortex

Lolly Be Healing


Gopal's Health Foods

New Gokul

Living Leggings

Tea Tree Herb Co

New Mexicann Natural Medicine

Ohkay Owingeh | G Precious Music

Sixth Sun Sacred Calendars

New Illuminations

RA Organics

Charlotte's Web

Nectar of the Goddess Temple

Transitions Radio Media


Santa Fe Community College

Kushi Culture

Amarantha Designs


Spagyric Apotehcary

Jessica Sanchez Spiritual Wellness MD

Godmother INC

Holistic Helpful Hand

Crystal Current

Xol Original - Non-Profit

Pure Hemp Botanicals

Wellbeing Creator

All Ice Water Therapy

Heart Happiness

Grandmother Flordemayo / The Path

Ten Thousand Waves

Redbird and Eagle Drums / Cochiti Pueblo

Declaration of Consciusness and Nandhiji Yogi

Hemp Heroe

Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary

Jokom Africa | Handmade Baskets & Fresh Coconuts

Tewa Women United Organization

Massage & Banya Spa

Teiwaz Landcaping

Lil Gails Discount | Lakota Owned and Operated

The Light Beings

Heart Happiness

Venus Brightstar | Clan Mother, Deer Clan Creek Nation

The Human Co-op

Buckn Originals

Violet Glass Body Jewelry

Infinity Greens

Dakini Glass Works

Original Santa Fe

Eternal Turtle llc

La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences

West China Tea Company

Zen Awakening Festival

River's Source Botanicals

Annie B's Mineral Magic and Products

Reunity Resources

The Hummingbird Community

Wolf Sisters

The Twelve Tribes

This page is being updated as new vendors are being accepted.  Check back often to see who the newest vendors at UNIFY FEST are.